GA Archives Virtual Symposium

Georgia’s Judiciary and Courts Through the Years

I have the distinct honor to be the first presenter at this symposium.  My topic is, “Building Your Case at the Courthouse.”  An overview of what records are available at a typical county courthouse and how to use them.  For more information please click here

The Blue and Gray Museum (Fitzgerald, GA)

Mark your calendar for this event at The Blue and Gray Museum on Saturday, 23 October 2021. Specific time to be determined.

Tying History to Your Research: Do you know how to interpret your findings on an ancestor in light of history?  Are you looking at what was happing in the area, the country, and the world for the time period being researched?  How often do we hear that a family emigrated from Ireland in the 1830s due to the potato famine which did not start until 1845?  We need to examine history very closely so we can better understand our ancestors and how they lived their lives.  We will examine several situations you should be aware of that will aid you in telling their story.

They meet at the old train depot where they have a great museum and lots of research materials. To learn more, click HERE.

COL Folsom Chapter, NS Daughters of the American Revolution, Valdosta, GA

I have the privilege to speak to the Colonel Folsom Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution in Valdosta, Georgia. We will look at, “Tips and Tricks to improve your research Easier way to understand DNA .” So many people are either afraid of DNA testing or think they cannot use because it is too complicated. We will look at why it is actually quite easy to begin using and why you should not be afraid of them. We will also examine why the ethnicity estimates are the least trustworthy part of DNA.

For more information click HERE.

Southwest Georgia Genealogical Society (Albany, GA)

How Not to do Genealogy: a look at common mistakes beginners (and some experienced) make in conducting their research.

I often tell people I earned a Ph. D. in D-U-M-B (I stole that line from Dave Ramsey).  I made so many dumb mistakes when I started doing my own genealogy over 30 years ago.  As a professional researcher and teacher, I see even more mistakes.  Since people learn from their mistakes and truly smart people save time and frustration by learning from other people’s mistakes, come on out and learn which mistakes to avoid.


Stay tuned for specific location and time or check or contact the genealogy librarian at the Dougherty County Public Library.

Orange County Genealogical Society

I will be giving two presentations to the Orange County Genealogical Society.  First topic is Tying History to your Research  and the second is The Tax Man Cometh.