Georgia Specialist

I specialize in Georgia Research since I am located within an hour’s drive of the Georgia Archives and visit there often for research.  I can be at any one of several Georgia Universities where numerous special collections are located within two hours.  There are also several genealogy research public libraries within that same two-hour drive.

My father’s line has been in Georgia since before the Revolutionary War and my mother’s paternal line were first families in Gwinnett County in the 1830s, so I have a special bond to the state.  I also understand a lot of the nuances in Georgia such as why, as my grandfather always said, “a true Georgian will tell you the town and county they are from.  That is because, in Georgia, the town of Appling is not in Appling County, Screven is in Ware County not in Screven County, Jasper is not in Jasper County, and so on.

I have not made it to all 159 counties yet, but I will eventually.