Georgia Specialists

I specialize in Georgia Research since my family has deep Georgia Roots, going all the way back to the mid-1750s.  My Thomas line served in the SC Militia during the Revolutionary War from Burke County, GA.  My mother’s paternal line is recognized among the First Families of Gwinnett County, GA.  I have lived just northwest of Atlanta for over 25 years and previously lived for two years in Savannah.  We have people familiar with Georgia and its bordering states and knowledgeable
We understand a lot of the nuances in Georgia such as why, as my grandfather always said, “a true Georgian will tell you the town and county they are from.   That is because, in Georgia, the town of Appling is not in Appling County, the town of Screven is in Ware County not in Screven County, Jasper is not in Jasper County, and so on.
I am constantly reading history books on Georgia and its counties to garner more knowledge.  I am within an hour’s drive of the Georgia State Archives which is next door to the Atlanta branch of the National Archives and Record Administration and I am there frequently doing research.  Ninety minutes from Mercer University’s main campus which houses a lot of Georgia Southern Baptist Church records, their Atlanta campus holds records from the other Baptist Churches.  Ninety minutes from the University of Georgia’s main campus plus I have a granddaughter attending there who can help find records and items.  Inside the Atlanta perimeter is Emory University’s main campus which houses a lot of historical Methodist Church records.  The Kenan Research Center, part of the Atlanta History Museum along with both Georgia State University and Georgia Tech are located inside the city and close.