About Me

My name is Larry W. Thomas and I began researching my family's genealogy over 30 years ago. My younger brother and I were in the same Army Reserve unit and when we both met our First Sergeant, 1SG Thomas, we instantly knew he had to be related. He looked so much like our grandfather and great grandfather. I never did research his family to find the connection but it got us researching our family line. I have been doing this professionally since 2008.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and the National Genealogical Society (NGA) and adhere to their Code of Ethics & Genealogical Guidelines.  I named Gilshot Genealogy Services after my Revolutionary War patriarch, Gilshot Thomas, son of John Thomas, and grandson of Lawrence Gailshiott. Gilshot moved his family to Georgia in the early 1750's.

Currently, I serve on the Georgia Genealogical Society board as well as the Cobb County Genealogical Society where I served as President of the Society (2016-2018), I am also a member of the following organizations: Gwinnett County Historical Society, and the Genealogical Speakers Guild and a recent graduate of the Professional Genealogy (ProGen) Course.

I would be happy to discuss your research with you.  Click here for a free estimate or fill out the form on this page with other questions, and I will response as soon as possible.

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