Blog 2021 11 12 Take advantage of those Free Days on Search Sites

Every year, all of the major genealogy research sites will offer free days such as’s recent free access to military records for Veteran’s Day.  Many of these run through midnight on a Sunday or Monday and that is usually midnight Mountain Time (for all the Ancestry-owned sites), or wherever the company headquarters is located.

Here are my recommendations for taking full advantage of those days.

First, examine what types of records they typically make available during these days (military, death records, etc.).

Second, determine what records you want that fall into these categories and prioritize the order of research.

Third, determine whether there is a local library that can be used anytime by you so you make the best use of those days when they come around and not get documents you might already have access to.

Fourth, watch for the announcements.

Fifth, sign in as soon as they become available and begin researching.  Besides downloading the document or documents, be sure to capture all of the information for the proper citation of the record(s).

Sixth, mark this item off your to-do list.

Seventh, update your list and await the next opportunity.

Keep researching and good luck!